Women’s experiences of ageing with HIV in the UK: a preliminary report

06 March 2017

Jacqui Stevenson is a PhD researcher based at the University of Greenwich, exploring experiences of ageing amongst women living with HIV in the UK. She writes “Women’s experiences of ageing with HIV in the UK: a feminist, participatory and assets-based exploration’ is a doctoral research project that explores the experiences and needs of women growing older with HIV in London. It aims to add to the body of evidence around ageing and HIV, as people live longer with HIV due to effective treatment, and older people acquire and are diagnosed with HIV. With a specific focus on women and the gendered experiences of ageing, this research explores how women are responding and adapting to ageing with HIV, with a specific focus on community, social support, social and healthcare needs and the role of the State and third sector services in meeting these needs. In this summary, preliminary findings from three participatory workshops with older women living with HIV are presented. Findings include the impact of loneliness and isolation, challenges associated with ageing, managing HIV and treatment and the menopause, barriers to forming and maintaining relationships, the value of HIV support services, and wider challenges such as migration and housing.”

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