BHIVA encourages universal promotion of Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U)

30th November 2018

A BHIVA members’ survey on U=U was undertaken in October 2018 which highlighted a need to ensure the U=U message is consistently integrated into clinical care, as recommended in the 2018 BHIVA standards of care for people living with HIV.

Consistent use of ART by people living with HIV to maintain an undetectable viral load is a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV. We urge health care professionals to discuss U=U proactively with all people living with HIV at appropriate points during care including, but not limited to:- at diagnosis, when initiating treatment, to encourage adherence, when undetectable, and if planning to conceive.

We recommend consistent and unambiguous terminology when discussing U=U such as “no risk” or “zero risk” of sexual transmission of HIV, avoiding terms like “negligible risk” and “minimal risk.”

We encourage clinics to display and provide information on the use of ART to maintain an undetectable viral load as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV. We also advise explaining the scientific evidence behind U=U, emphasising the importance of excellent adherence to ART and highlighting that U=U is dependent on maintaining a sustained undetectable viral load.

Free resources, developed in collaboration with the Kobler clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to help raise the profile of U=U in UK clinics are available from HIV i-Base at

To read the full statement, follow the link below:

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